Payment gateways - Crypto

Good day all

I want to build a subscription based app. BUT - I want to know if it is possible to setup a crypto payment gateway instead of normal fiat currencies.

Thanks in advance

Adalo does not provide this kind of payment right now, but anything is possible when using 3rd parties APi, or even building your own component with the payment you’d like.

Hi @njimmy10

Thank you for the reply.

I’m looking into some crypto payment gateways, and I’m liking what I’ve found thus far.
I’m not a dev, so building a component might be a bit tricky for me.

Has anyone perhaps played with this a bit?

I searched this about in the Forum and I found this one.

Thank you

Thank you @dilon_perera

I did have a look at that post, but I didn’t get much out of it.

So the best bet would be to use something like Coinbase commerce as a 3rd party tool?

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