Crypto API integration

Anyone here have success integrating wallet and or blockchain APIs?

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As I remember, @jenny was doing something in this space.

Also, I have some experience with blockchain integrations, but the exact answer will depend on what is needed. Adalo is usually used as a frontend in this case, there should be some backend workflows to implement all the logic (which in turn could be created on other nocode platforms).

Best regards, Victor.

hi, yes as Victor said 5 or 6 months ago I did something … I was trying to integrate the payment method in
cryptocurrency for my app … but unfortunately I had to abandon this option due to too many complications … I am convinced that Victor can help you is very good.

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Okay. Yea im generating a wallet, and Im at the last portion where I have to create the wallet address via REST API from a provider im using. Do you know if creating a wallet is possible on adalo before I tackle? @Victor @jenny

hi, using only Adalo you can’t … you have to rely on a platform like Integromat … Victor is very good and I think he knows how to explain it to you better than me, I’m an amateur

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Yea. I use integromat now on my app to show live prices from my google sheets. Ok thats a good sign. Thanks @jenny

@Victor Im using REST APIs and thinking of using google firebase to host private keys of wallet holders. Do you recommend a different database holder? Looking for something secure. You think google sheets is a good option too?

Hi @ivyrikku,

In my personal opinion, using any no-code tools to store private keys pose a huge security risk for the private key owners.

And I can’t even imagine someone agreeing to have private key stored in google sheets :joy:

Unfortunately I can’t provide any detailed security advice on crypto topics (as I’m not deeply involved in that), but based on my previous experience I think you need to work on your information security model and threat analysis a bit more.

Best regards, Victor.

I’m afraid I must agree with Victor here. None of these are viable options for something that needs that level of security. There is no NoCode platform out there that can meet those requirements.


Yes storing private keys is a very very bad idea in crypto unless you have expert level experience in custody of crypto assets and the SEC laws around that. I would suggest looking into something like Wyre or Bitpay if you’re wanting to accept payments. Currently there is no easy solution for custody or private keys or wallets aside from custom coded solutions or smart contracts.

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Okay… interesting you say that. Because when I went to a conference a few weeks ago, there was a company using firebase to store private keys. They said they encrypt it when its stored there. So are you saying google firebase is not a secure enough option? @pford @anon78309838 @Victor

added: But I hear what you’re saying. If the user stores it themselves, it takes the responsibility off of us. I’ll look into non-custodial options

Typically this is not done, unless the company is very large and has massive amounts of assets under management (Coinbase, Binance, and Nexo come to mind) and can afford to pay the damages if private keys are compromised. If anyone, even employees have access to private keys, it opens up the possibility wallets be drained entirely with no way of getting it back. Typically private keys are stored locally on the users device and hashed on the blockchain when it’s created. In crypto the saying goes, “not your keys, not your crypto”. If it’s not the user’s then it’s technically yours (the app creator). Not exactly something I would want to manage and secure.

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Okay. Last question. And thanks everyone for your insight on this.

Is there an option that stores nemonic phrases locally and immediately gets deleted? I ask, cause Im now looking into the option of the user storing their own nmeonic seed phrase (like metamask), but the information has to populate from the API collection the way you have it set up on Adalo.


@pfordmedia @anon78309838 @Victor

No problem! Sounds like an interesting project regardless.

You won’t be able to store it locally, but you could certainly generate it once, let them copy it to a secure location, and then let them close the screen without ever saving it to the Adalo database (this is quite common in crypto apps, especially wallets). You could save it to the Adalo database temporarily and then delete it after they copy it, but again, this just opens you up to more security risks.


Amazing. Im going to try this out. Would love for any of you guys to test it out if you’re interested once Im done.

everything that is encrypted can be decrypted. Even if the app has to decrypt it to use the data. And firebase - well. I would not trust them my private keys.

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