Payment options

Hi Guys

Is Stripe the only platform used for payments. I am from South Africa and stripe is not supported, is there another way to connect a payment gateway?

If you’re on phone you can use adalo’s new payment component

However I heard it doesn’t work for physical products and only for in App purchases like ebooks or subscriptions like

You can use any API payment system via custom actions.

You can use API like what @Erik said.

Do you maybe please have an example or tutorial on how one can set one up?

I’ll add it to my list! What provider are you looking for?

Hi Erik

I was looking at Yoco our South African payment gateway

Hi @Erik any luck with the query above?

I’ll try and do something next week, but to be honest this isn’t a high priority in my tutorial queue…

I understand but could do one for the African countries using Adalo as they no-code platform

I would like to see a tutorial on that too, I need to connect another payment platform that is not the one that Adalo already offers.

Payfast is another gateway in South Africa that has very good documentation and should be fairly easy to integrate with. They might even assist with basic integration. If this works post the method back.

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Yes Payfast too but Yoco has the easiest way to do it… Saw it when using Glide App… So if Adalo can offer that becomes easier to explore gateways like Payfast

I’d also be very happy to see some light shed on South African compatible payment gateway options.

Does Yoco have an API you can use? Or are you referring to the inline code and modal window you can insert into a page?

Hi Slade

This is all I find online

Have you taken a look at Payfast? They have a great API and it’s very well documented. I’m buying building an app for a client that requires a membership fee from users, and will be using the Payfast API to do this with custom actions. What are you building in Adalo at the moment?

Building an Online store I am not great with coding so yeah , I will have a look at Payfast and see how I can go about it

That’s awesome! If you need help along the way with Adalo just shout.