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I’m in love with Adalo because it allows me to create beautiful screens for this app, as well as offering me a multitude of options.

From the beginning, I’ve wanted to offer a monthly subscription to users to access the contents of my app. For this, I’m implementing Stripe.

Reconsidering the monetization of my app, I would like to offer the possibility of to receive donations with PayPal, or support from Patreon.

My knowledge is limited, although I’m really enjoying being able to learn while building my app.

My question is if someone can guide me a bit, about how to implement Paypal or Patreon donations. Maybe with Zapier?

Within the app, I want to create a screen where the names of the users who have made a donation should appear, as a thank you for the donation.

So, I want to do:

  • Integrate “PayPal donations” and “Patreon” within the app (some simple or practical way).
  • If the user makes a donation, automatically change the value of the user in the database from “users”: donation (true / false).
  • In the thank you screen, the user’s name should appear (donation = true). This screen should display a list of users who have made a donation, in order from newest to oldest.

I’ve never used Zapier. If this integration requires the use of Zapier, what do I need to connect to my app? Any easier way?

Thank you so much!

Happy that you are having a great experience so far :blush:

So first thing to consider if your intent is to publish your app with a store (not just PWA) you must meet the developer policies :point_down:

Developers offering products within a game downloaded on Google Play or providing access to game content must use Google Play In-app Billing as the method of payment. […] Developers must not mislead users about the apps they are selling […]

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Hi @Devops

Thanks for your answer.

After reading the “Developer Program Policy Preview: Payments” page, my conclusion is that this is a BIG problem: A problem for me, but it is also a big problem for many ADALO customers.

Adalo only provides Stripe as a payment method. According to Google guidelines;

“Developers charging for apps and downloads from Google Play must use Google Play’s billing system as the method of payment.”

This means that Stripe cannot be used in any application hosted on the Google Play Store. In other words, 99.9% of all applications.

So, after reading the Google Play Store guidelines, Adalo is no longer an option for me. Adalo does not have support for including in-app purchases in the Google Play Store :frowning:

I liked Adalo :frowning: But after reading this, it is no longer possible to continue building my app in Adalo.

This is currently under debate and should soon be planed from the Team :point_down:

And just to be clear, this only concerns native apps (Google & Apple Store), and doesn’t concern PWA. Also, I have seen some workarounds here and there on how people have already implemented payment systems for physical goods on external sites (Not SaaS subscriptions). Maybe you can sell some merch to support your development?

To be honest with you, I trust that Adalo’s CEO and CTO are not turning a blind eye to this issue and are seriously thinking of implementing this feature sooner than you think. As for my personal project, I’ll be committing to building my app and hope that this feature will arise soon :crossed_fingers:


Thanks again for your answer and for your sincerity @Devops

I am really frustrated. I was thinking of paying for my professional plan in Adalo, once the development of my app was finished. But with this problem it’s impossible. I am already looking for other alternatives.

I appreciate your honesty. It is strange that Adalo does not have this implement. There are many reasons:

  • We are in the year 2020-2021, we are not at the beginning of the decade.
  • I don’t know anyone who uses PWA. We must be realistic. There are two main markets for apps: Android and iPhone. If you want to distribute your app, you must be on one of the two platforms.
  • Adalo is not free (except to create your app). But Adalo’s goal is to create paying customers. If I pay, I need to monetize the investment: Uploading my app to Google Paly (for example) and adding in-app purchases.
  • Stripe is a good platform. But Stripe is not available in many countries.
  • Google does not allow the use of other payment alternatives. Only his own.
  • Important: Users are looking for ease. If we are working with applications to distribute in Google and Apple, we need to implement the purchasing systems of both platforms.

And honestly, I’ve doubts that this implementation is in the head of the CEO. It’s not even pending on the roadmap.

Conclusion: I’m still in love with Adalo, but if I can’t monetize my app later, following the market guidelines, then Adalo is useless. :cry:

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I really understand your pain point :pensive:,

As an Adalo builder, I can only try reassuring you that there amazing team of devs are rolling out new features week after week, it’s just a matter of time…this feature will arrive, that I’m positively sure about :blush:

Although I can’t speak on behalf of Adalo and give you “false promises” let’s see if the staff @Colin @Ben @David would like to join this conversation.


Saludos para el equipo de Adalo.
Me he topado con el mismo problema para los pagos. Actualmente estoy por pagar mi suscripción y considerando en verdad hacerlo. Adalo es genial en muchas funciones, pero el sistema de pagos es algo básico para la fecha y me cuesta creer que no podré hacer mis aplicaciones de pago.
Estaría encantado que le puedan dar pronta solución a esto.

We are working towards the implementation of both Apple and Google Pay. They are already in development and although I cannot promise any specific date that they will be available, please be assured, these components are very much on their way!


To those Adalo builders waiting on components not yet built / launched, I suggest completing the rest of your app in tangential areas while waiting. Once the required components appear in the marketplace, you will just need to integrate the new component. You can make progress every day while you wait. You can read every post in the forum, learning to build other necessary features in your app.

There is a reason why we are here in the first place. Adalo is MUCH, MUCH easier to use than the competition. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. Adalo founders have a DESIGN-FIRST mentality instead of feature complexity first. It sucks to wait on new features, but truthfully I bet you haven’t completed your marketing automation, your funnel, your analytics, your viral growth loops (screens using rewards to induce users to invite other users to your app), or even your core app competency.


No hay duda que lo hacen de maravilla en muchos aspectos y se que así será para la plataforma de pagos.
He usado Goodbarber y por muchas razones favorables estoy viniendo a Adalo.

Es genial esta plataforma y sin duda se que van a lograr mucho en el desarrollo de muchas cosas que facilitaran nuestro trabajo!

Gracias @Colin

@tonimad I’ve the same issue, but i found in Play Console Help:
" Here are some examples of products not currently supported by Google Play In-app Billing:

  • One time-payments , including peer-to-peer payments, online auctions, and donations.

And more, in the new update that will be effective from Jan,20 2021

" Google Play’s billing system must not be used in cases where:

  • payment is primarily:Note: In some markets, we offer Google Pay for apps selling physical goods and/or services. For more information, please visit our Google Pay developer page.
    • for the purchase or rental of physical goods (such as groceries, clothing, housewares, electronics);
    • for the purchase of physical services (such as transportation services, cleaning services, airfare, gym memberships, food delivery, tickets for live events); or
    • a remittance in respect of a credit card bill or utility bill (such as cable and telecommunications services);
      *** payments include peer-to-peer payments, online auctions, and tax exempt donations;**"

So, is correct that for donation we can use the Stripe Connect plugin meanwhile, instead waiting Google Play plugin?


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