Link data to Adalo web page

Hello guys,

I have a problem linking to an Adalo web page:

in my app i have a screen with a tour and related details, i wish the users taking the tour could donate to the creator.

To do this I use Stripe plugin integrated in Adalo, but I have to exit the app in order not to break Google’s rules on payments.

What I am looking for is a way to send the user who is viewing THAT tour, to the web page of THAT tour.

At the moment the website URL is very long and I don’t know how to report it in the app link.
I’m afraid that the simple webview inside the app falls under the restrictions of Google Play.

Thanks a lot,

We will have In-App purchasing available soon and that will fix the issue of not going against Google’s TOS.

Thanks for your answer @Colin, but i think even the in-app purchasing won’t solve my issue. Currently, my app “business model” works with a “User A” creates and posts a free tour of a place. “User B” enjoys the tour, and if wants, he can donate a coffee of a pizza to User A, and app keeps a fee. This would fit perfectly with Stripe Connect plugin, but i really can’t understand how it could work with the Google play in-app purchasing… how the billing system will sent donation to tour’s creator, if he isn’t a developer or publisher?

Waiting for somebody who encountered similar issues,

Have a nice day!

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