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Hello all,

I have a blocking point to structure my app and I hope anyone can help me on it. It seems to be easy but I do not see the solution…

I am trying to display pdf stored in a Google Drive dedicated to the app. When I put the URL of an existing pdf in the web view module, the result is a “403 forbidden” (forbidden access), how can I give the right to my app to access to my Google Drive?

I use Integromat to create the pdf with data from the app and to be able to store it in Google Drive, but i do not be able to display these pdf to the user…

Somebody has a suggestion?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Thibaut,

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First of all, do a quick test: try to open the link with PDF file in a browser in “incognito mode”. This means you won’t be logged in to your Google account.
If file doesn’t open → the problem is with file access rights and you need to set them up correctly.
If file opens → there is a problem with webview+Google Drive. As an alternative to Webview, you can try to use “External link” option (add an Action → Link → Website, and post URL with PDF there).

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you Victor for your support! Very helpfull!
There must be a problem with webview + Google drive or some step to do to implement it… In incognito mode, file can be opened.
I will use your workaround which is a good way to perform this action.
Thanks again for your quick answer!

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