PDF Generator API

Hello guys, I need help, I made a tax invoice app and I am trying to get it in PDF. I made an account in pdfgeneratorapi.com.
I went to my adalo collection, clicked on API Documentation and copied the JSON details and pasted them as data in the pdfgeneratorapi.com new template, Created my template from there.
I added the required API key and secret key, the workspace id, template number in the pdfgeneratorapi button.
Then I copied the same JSON details into the JSON Payload field. Selected the output as URL and added an external webpage with PDF OUTPUT as the button action.

And when I check the preview everything works but at the last instead of the pdf I get Could not parse jason.
What am I doing wrong?

I will show the JSON details I added, below

{“records”:{“User Email”:{“type”:“string”},“Username”:{“type”:“string”},“User Full Name”:{“type”:“string”},“User Company Name”:{“type”:“string”},“User Phone Number”:{“type”:“number”},“User Address”:{“type”:“string”},“User GST Number”:{“type”:“string”},“Customer Name”:{“type”:“string”},“Customer GST Number”:{“type”:“string”},“Customer Email Id”:{“type”:“string”},“Customer Address”:{“type”:“string”},“Customer Company Name”:{“type”:“string”},“Customer Phone Number”:{“type”:“number”},“Product Name”:{“type”:“string”},“Discount %”:{“type”:“number”},“Net Value”:{“type”:“number”},“Total Net Value”:{“type”:“number”},“GST Percentage %”:{“type”:“number”},“Invoice Number”:{“type”:“number”},“Total”:{“type”:“number”},“Quantity”:{“type”:“number”},“HSN/SAC”:{“type”:“string”}}}

Any help is really appreciated.

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