Performance boost via AirTable?

Hi everyone,

I have a small database table with approx 2.5k entries. Since I added this database my app is going very slow. I am expecting two other database tables with > 10k Entries.

The question is: Do you know if the app performance is better when using air table instead of the adalo databases?

I haven’t tested this out, but following to see if anyone else has. Best of luck, @mazze!

I made an app and started solely with Airtable. My airtable base has around 1000+ records, and I use filters to display only specific contents on some pages.

In my experience, you won’t face slowdown if you use Airtable. However, with external bases, lists sometimes do not filter all the data correctly (and hence show all the records instead of only the filtered records).

I used the app for only about 2 months before I discontinued due to complaints from my customers about the app itself being slow, but that was not because of the Airtable base, it was because I’m located in South East Asia. I’ve been waiting months for Adalo’s performance improvements to solve this and get back into the game :frowning:


Haha thanks for the replies. I tested it the last days with approx 40.000 data base entries and it is sooooooo much faster. No 45second-waiting-time after pressing a button or searching for a List entry.

Just the quality check (if it filters correctly) is to be done in the next days.


Great, keep us posted.

Perhaps, you can do more experiment with other baas provider such as xano, backendless, directual etc

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your results, because now it is giving me confidence to focus soley on external databases for my info. I’ll give my app another shot, starting from scratch!