Performance issues with multiple forms on one screen?

I have two edit profile forms on one screen. One is a short simple form (email address and password only) and the second is a much longer more detailed form (about 20 fields). I use the first for people who just want to use the app, and the second for paying subscribers to my services.

I use visibility rules to determine which form the user sees.

My question is, will this impact the app’s performance? Would it be better to put these two forms on two separate screens?

I’m trying hard to limit the number of screens my app uses, but I also understand that this might make some screens complex, and that complexity might create performance hits.

I have a few other screens with two lists on the same screen. The same question applies to those too. Would I be better to use one screen per form or list, or is it generally ok to put more than one on the same screen?

For the forms, it would be better to use 2 separate screens.

When it comes to the number of screens: I have not been affected by the number of screens when it comes to using the actual apps. I only experience problems when loading the editor if there are a lot of screens.

You’ll experience more performance-related issues by combining too many things on one screen.

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