Is there a maximum number of screens in one app?

Hi guys

Anyone face any editor speed issues (moving around in editor from one screen to another, adding new components on screen, etc. or just generally working in editor), or update save issues with their apps, if there are many screens?

For us right now we have lots of screens (200+) and 50+ data tables in one app.

Any small sample apps we’re creating to test speed (<5 tables and <10 screens), editor is working normally.

Any tips or solutions? Is there an official screen limit in Adalo?


Hello! It’s preferable not to group all the screens beside each others. By keeping spaces between screens, it would enhance your editor’s speed and make your work easier and smoother.

Thank you!

Thanks. I understand your point.

But I also want to know what’s a good rule / suggestion on whether Adalo has limit on max screens per app? I get that its dependent on how many features in app and whats the user flow to implement the features. It would be good to know what experienced experts follow as a best practice.

Hi @tjd_15,

I don’t think there is a “hard limit” on the number of screens. The issue is that app builder needs to render all these screens in the browser, so the speed of the computer matters.
For instance, in the same app with 100+ screens, on last Intel-based Macbook Air the builder works significantly slower than on Macbook Air M2.

In my experience, I’ve had an opportunity to work with multiple 300+ screens’ apps, and the builder is quite responsive (but I have a M2). Some advices:

  • the speed depends not just on the number of screens, but also on the number of elements
  • disabling screen connections (menu or Shift+L) can improve the builder responsiveness significantly
  • running a “clean” browser without lots of other tabs open helps. Also if there are other apps consuming processing power / memory (e.g. video rendering) builder will work slower.
  • disabling Lottie animations in builder helps greatly
  • zoom level matters (seems that builder can render only required elements)

If you would like to get an official response, probably submitting a support ticket will be the best way.

Best regards, Victor.

Many thanks Victor. That’s what I was looking for. All points make sense. :+1:

Especially after the new update ‘Sections’ we’re facing a lot of speed issues in building in legacy apps. Things don’t get saved with or without sections, even new screens dont get created or saved.

We will create ticket if this doesn’t get resolved on its own shortly.

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