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Hi there, I want to create a personalised feed feature in adalo, I was wondering if is possible, such as when a high school student sign up they will see events that have the words ‘vce’ in it and when a university students sign up they will not see events that have words ‘vce’ in the feed, is this possible?


Hi @MaxZHou,

This is possible. The simplest way will be to add an additional property to Users collection, call it “feed filter”. Then, after new user signup, you update this property to a certain value by which the filtering should be made: e.g. for High School students you put “highschool”, for College students you put “college”, etc.
As a final step, you add a property to “Events” collection, call it “feed search index”. And for each event you set the text value in this property - defining the audience.
E.g. you can create a “Townhall” event and add to search index “highschool, college, teachers” - so that users with all 3 groups will see it. And for “College party” event you will add only “college” to this property.

This is a very simple approach - you can create more complex ones.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks so much, I will try it now.

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