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Hello Everyone, brand new to adalo and was wondering if this was even a possibility. I’m trying to create a quiz that when answered will make personalized content for each user, and saved to their account. How personalized can I make this quiz with tools given in Adalo and what are some limitations I need to consider if any?

Thanks, everyone

Hi @jafasier50,

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In theory it is possible to make the app based on your requirements, but of course more details are needed to give an answer.
With an example how it should work (with some details) it will be easier to evaluate possibilities and limitations :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Hey Victor!
Thanks so much for the reply, and my apologies. I guess that really does help haha.

So Users would be given the option to take a Quiz, and depending on their answers, it would pull personalized content from several other collections to that specific User. The quiz would be looking at the user’s profile for any information it would need such as sex and age, then based on the answers given, it gives the user the best/most relevant content. (how that part should be set up is still kind of a mystery to me at the moment)

I guess the question would be, How/what is the best way to integrate/build a quiz in adalo and how would it know what content to pull from the database.

I’m not sure if that helps.

Hi @jafasier50,

Based on this info, in my opinion, Adalo could be used to build such Quiz application. The logic of “content personalising” could be implemented in Adalo itself, or if the logic is too complex, it could be moved to 3rd party service like Integromat or other.

As for the exact way to build a quiz app - I don’t think there is any step-by-step instruction for that. You just need to start studying Adalo and building quiz app - that’s the way :slight_smile:

You can search the forum (there are a lot of posts related to quiz apps), also there could be some useful content in Resources & Tutorials and in App Showcase sections.

There are App Templates (Full App Templates for Adalo No Code Web & Mobile Apps) and Cloneable Kits (Functional & UI Kits for Adalo No Code Web & Mobile Apps) pages on Adalo.com, may be they could be useful for you as well.

Another option is to hire an expert (Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies) who can either build a quiz app for you or coach you how to build it.

Best regards, Victor.

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Adding onto @Victor, this video by @theadaloguy should help you get started.

I actually used his video and made a multiple choice quiz app with true and false, so there are some questions that are multiple choice and some that are false. :slight_smile:

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I built a 15 question quiz in Adalo pretty easily using custom lists, forms, dropdowns, sliders, toggles, etc…that’s kind of the easy part…getting the data from wherever your data is housed is much trickier

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Thank you everyone for the feedback and help! I really appreciate all of the resources!

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