Photo Upload Size Limit?

I’m trying to upload a photo for my app’s homepage, and it seems that if the photo’s file size is above 100-200kb it just won’t get uploaded.

Is there a hard cap on the file size or maybe just my internet connection isn’t strong enough?

Lemme know!

I don’t know about hard cap but I have never managed to upload a file over 20-30mb - the upload would keep failing. I would think 1-200kb would be fine though.

For uploading large files you can use which integrates a different file uploader into your app.


Hmm interesting, thanks

The maximum file size for both image upload and file upload is a hard cap at 50mb. Anything above this will prompt the user that the file is too large.

It’s also important to give the device time to upload the file before navigating away from that screen.


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