Placeholder image not showing


The problem is basically what is described here: Placeholder Images not showing in lists but there is no solution and is quite old.
In a custom list I’m using an image component with URL formed using “magic text” and I activated the option “if there’s no image…” => “show a placeholder image”.
Unfortunately this image doesn’t show up in the preview of the app. I tried pngs and jpgs.
It seems to be loaded correctly in the editor. I can reach the image from the url:

Thank you very much

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9 days left to my trial period and no one is even replying here. I’d like to upgrade but if there are problems and no one cares I don’t think I will pay 50$ per month. That’s so bad :frowning:

My trial period is ended and I got no reply and no solution for this bug.
That’s a pity, it seemed a good product, instead no one cares.

Hi, You are in the wrong place, you should have opened a ticket with the Adalo team, directly from the help center, they could have seen your problem there and helped you,
Good luck

Hi, thank you for your answer.
I googled it and found out that there is a page of ticketing support: Submit a Support Ticket
But how can I reach this page from within the site or the app or the documentation? I couldn’t find any link or reference

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