Placeholder image not working in combination with imgix

Hi all,

I use the imgix parameters to optimize images loaded as described here: How to manipulate images in Adalo with ImgIX

Very nice performance increase!

I use also use it to optimize avatar images. The problem I run into is that those aren’t always available. So I thought to use the placeholder feature Adalo has. Only it doesn’t work anywhere when the imgix query is added…

I’m looking for a workaround.
Tried a few things:

  • set a placeholder image during user creation, but can’t acces any other collections
  • update user after creating via Integromat, but can’t create/update image properties/files from outside Adalo
  • Set a placeholder image url instead of uploaded image, Adalo doesn’t support this.

Anyone got any more ideas? Would be hugely appreciated :smiley:



My take would be

  1. Use app setting to put placeholder image in your users collection

You can read here,

  1. Put 2 images on screen with boolean visibility, boolean is updated when real image is put or removed

Hi Yongki,

Thanks for your suggestion. I ended up hiding the profile image (instead of placeholder) based on a visibility rule. Don’t want deal with too much double elements. They tend to create problems for me.

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