Please help with action issue!

How do I make an action that adds its current number to the current number in every day that passes?

The best way to do this is by using an external service such as to update in the background daily.

Otherwise you will need the app to have a trigger to the change which means it has to be opened every day:

  1. Add a “date last update” field
  2. When the user opens the app, add an action that calculates how many days have passed since it was last opened (now-datelastopened) and then adds the total amount you need to add for all the days since it was last updated.

But if I will ad an action that calculate how many days from the last open it’s not must to be open every day…am I wrong?

No you are right. The app must be opened every day. This is why the better (only) solution is to use an external service like which can automatically make an action on your database every day.

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