Updating the database when user visits Home, stopped working

Hi Guys,

I’ve made a date and a time property on the user and set an action to update the property with the current time every time the user opens the app (Home). Among other things, to be able to greet him based on the time.

For some reason the property doesnt update when the user opens home. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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Thank you guys :slight_smile:

A long time ago I had an issue with brackets in field names with a similar issue.
Try renaming the fields with no brackets.

Thank you for the suggestion Rozza. Unfortunately it doesnt make a difference and it also doesnt update the other numbers, without the bracket. For some reason if I add this to another view to get it, it works, so seems related to Home, only.

Yes Home page has strange behaviours too. I have noticed when copying the Home Screen actions become redundant. I can’t remember exactly how but I think my resolution was a new screen altogether and recreate the actions.
Maybe at some point a screen was copied. Good luck!

Yea, I even tried adding a new page as home and do this instead with no luck.

But I found a bug fix, that I hope works. In the actions for the home page, there is a standard action set by Adalo on a notifications request, with an empty “sometimes”. This action is set above/before my action. This of course shouldn’t make any difference for my action, but to bug fix I thought maybe moving my action up before this action would reset things and make the bug go away, and for now it did. Let’s see if it will contunie to work as it should.

Great idea. Thanks for updating the thread.