PokemonGo (click bait), simple augmented reality in Adalo

I just wanted to whip this up quick. It is very raw but I wanted to show the potential of platforms like Adalo and how the only limit is your creativity and ingenuity.

I am posting it in the showcase rather than Resources this time because I probably won’t release this on our marketplace anytime soon.

With this foundation, you will be able to build your our Pokémon Go app, or more practically, a real estate agent app.



This could be much above I would ever expected from nocode…
I think would be amazing if you finish also this project.
I am not aware about your resources but I am amazed about the possibility.
Thank you!


This is AMAZING, your work is amazing!!!

You would’nt believe it but That AR component will fit amazing in a new app that i’m building once you be able to create that.

Thanks for giving ADALO no borders


Resources are mercurial.

Pride goeth before destruction.

I’ll keep you posted!


Dude. You are amazing! Keep up the great work.


Very cool - maybe could use it with the Niantic AR devkit. Although, you might need something to host that part?

Thanks, this actually uses ViroAR so anything you can do in Viro you can do in this component.

Sample apps