Adalo made it possible!

Hi all, I’m a professional in a couple of fields and one of those being an Athlete Performance Coach for numerous local Sports teams and athletes. I’ve always wanted to create an app years ago but always found it way too time-consuming, that’s until I discovered Adalo 2 months ago now.

I’m happy to say that I’ve successfully launched my very 1st App! All thanks to Adalo! In just a short 6 weeks I feel confident to say I’m an app ‘dev’ :upside_down_face:.
The project went from concept (during a car ride to my son’s baseball game) to competition and was successfully published to the Apple App Store.

Needless to say I’ll be here for a while. Thx Adalo!

For those curious, here are some screenshots.


Well done! May I ask how long did you spend on it?

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Thx! I believe from concept to ‘completion’ roughly 6 weeks.

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Congrats! Very quick learning curve :slight_smile:

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Much thx!

And now launched on the Google Playstore. Amazing can’t believe how fluid this all went. Some learning curves of course in there but man Thank you :pray: Adalo @adalojosh @ben1

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Hola, y que tal su funcionamiento? Funciona bien o es lenta con las apps PWA

From Google Translate

Hola, funciona muy bien con PWA y nativo, no he encontrado problemas reales. Muy rápido en mi iPhone 11pro

How did you make this on last screenshot about metrics?

Hiya, I used the Charts component, the top numbers is just a simple call from an Evaluation Collection

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Congratulations. It looks great!

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Looks cool! I tried creating an account, but I can’t select the full name field on the sign up form, as it’s behind the app bar. So I can’t create an account. Looks like maybe you had something above it that is hidden, which shoves it all up to the top.

Assuming that is the case, I solve this by putting an invisible rectangle at the top of the screen, going down to just below the app bar. Then when the component below it is hidden, the component below that (in this case the form) would only go up to the bottom of the rectangle.

Also, how did you do the background video on the sign in page?

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Hmm thx much! I updated the PWA Ispyr Fitness I’ll push a build to the store tomorrow. Thx for pointing that out! Something must’ve moved it :slight_smile:

AS for the video, it’s a very compressed.gif :slight_smile: