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Hi Adalo Community !
I am developing an Employee management app.
I would like to know how can one auto populate a certain collection with all users emails in their app Database after creating an Event, Post etc…. To be more specific, I have Users Collection , Post Collection and Push Notification Collection, so I would like to use these three collections(Users Collection, Post Collection & Push Notification Collection) in order to implement the functionality of auto populating Push notification collection record with all user emails every time an admin creates a new Post

Thank you.

this is kind of bulk operation, which is unfortunately not available in Adalo yet

there are two ways to do this as I know

1- using a list of “countdown” component, where you list all users and using the countdown action, you create the push collection record, it is not efficient if you have many records like hundreds and it will overload the browser process

2- using an external service like make.com or zapier


Hi @mohmdfawzi . Thank you for the suggested solutions.
Just to be specific is it possible to auto populate a certain collection with All Users emails ? just like in the screenshot below where USERS box containing one user’s email(this was done manually)

I want it do be auto filling the Post notification collection with all user emails after adding a new post like in the screenshot below (although the emails in there were added manually)

I believe this is a many-to-many relation

you need to create a list of “push notification” collection (even if it is to update only 1 record)
and inside this list create another list of all users with countdown component, and on the action of the countdown you need to update current push notification >>> add the current user to the current push notification

Thank you so much @mohmdfawzi I managed to implement it . However I would like to know if apart from Zapier, is there a platform with good integration with Adalo that I can use to automate Push notifications for my Adalo App?

good :+1:

make.com and another one as I know
Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook

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