Need a way to email full collection in Adalo to User when a button is clicked

Need a way to email full collection in Adalo to User when a button is clicked. I need a way to do this. I don’t want to pay for this service too and fine with 100 email per day concept but what I am not sure is how to do this and can I send a full collection in Adalo via email in csv or any other form via email.

A prompt response will be highly appreciated.

You could hack together a custom list with a countdown timer sending each record one at a time.

If you want a nice csv attachment or table of data then you will need to pay at some point, for the Adalo API, or for a component, and/ or third party service.

How many records in the collection?

Using Xano you could have this setup in less than 30 mins.

Thanks for your prompt response Rozza. I am assuming the monthly records will be over or around 1000. I am making this app for an electricity company.

So when agents go in the field, they fill forms which are on different screens in the app. However, on the last screen of app, I have a complete button which creates a record in the collection of everything they have filled.

I want this record to be send to an email automatically instead of someone going in Adalo and sending it manually.

So let’s say they have 10 agents in the field and they visit 5 sites per day, that means, 50 records will be created each day. So I am assuming about 1000 in 20 working days.

I want the record to be created in Adalo but also to be sent via email to a specific email address when user presses complete on the app

I will need headings too from the collection

How can I achieve this. Sorry I didn’t understand countdown timer thing

You really need to use an external service.
That could be, zapier, or Xano. So you’re going to have to pay for it.

The countdown timer could be used for 10-100 records but not 1,000.

One vital concept to understand, almost everything ‘Adalo’ is ran on the device. For your need… an external server with the resources to process the task and not stop is necessary, which would happen should the user close their app on device. Adalo has a 1,000 record limit on external API calls to an Adalo collection, so you will need to factor in paging through a query that returns 1,001 or more records.

So if you want to pay, then… I highly recommend Xano, it will be useful for many other things in your app. If you do, then I would be grateful if you use this referral code and you can save 10%.
Xano You should also check out the Adalo / Xano deal - which represents good value.

If this is the only thing you need, then I can build and host it for you on a paid monthly basis. PM me if so. :+1:

In short, if you want to build this yourself, I would start like this…
Custom Action from Adalo to Xano
Xano calls to the Adalo External Collection API
If over 1000 records, keep going until all of them are in the Xano function
Create CSV File
Xano API call to your email provider and attach file.
Email is sent.

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