Possible to have webview properly resize according to screen

Is it possible to have a webview properly resize according to the screen (android / ios)? Depending on the phone simulator and on a live device I may have up to an inch of white space at the bottom of the phone.

Edit: by stretching the screen out and also stretching out the webview component I’m getting closer to perfection in the available simulation devices. I just feel like I’m missing something simple so the webview adjusts automatically.

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Try in the editor, making the screen size itself bigger and design the layout that way. It may scale down to smaller device sizes in the way you would want.

I’ll try that, but the problem for me only appears in the larger devices.

I figured a work around, thanks.

Can you share work around?

Just play around with the screen size.

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Also try setting the web-view as the entire screen and setting the position to fixed top.

Are there any similar solutions if you are designing a web app? I’ve noticed that when I preview the app it throws the elements all over and everything gets stretched out.