How to Full Screen the Web View Component

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Inserting a web view component in Adalo

I size it to be the full size of the screen in the Adalo frame

in using that on a bigger device it does not match the size of the screen, (there is a white space at the bottom of the screen)

On the other hand if I extend the web view frame vertically downwards beyond the bottom of the screen , it will be too large for a small screen and they will have to scroll.

The content I am embedding in the web view is scaled proportionately to the window size.

Is there a way to have the web view component match the screen size of the user’s screen dynamically?



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The solution is to resize the screen to be larger

Then resize the web view to match the larger screen

Click on the web view, and click “edit styles” and tick the box that says “Top”

it will now be full screen on both large and small devices

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