Possible to sort by time or number?

I’d like to have a list sorted by time, without a date.
The user creates a schedule for monday’s, tuesday’s, ect.
But it’s the same every week.
I can’t find a way for the list to populate in order of earliest to latest time.
The date sorter would work, but I don’t want them to pick a date. That would be very confusing.

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Hi @APIX ,

Have another number field and assign this field using pre-defined time collection, so the value can be assigned to booking collection and later can be sorted.

time collection can be something like this,
number string
8 “8:00”
9 “9:00”

booking collection can be something like this,
date time number string

another alternative would be to know the timezone and get fraction to get just for time.

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Thanks for the reply! I played around with this, and it solves most of the problem.
Remaining problem is that I’m populating a list with the schedule.
Sort by start time, low to high results in 1 o’clock being shown before 8 o’clock.
24 time would solve the sorting issue, but would be very confusing for my users.
Any ideas?
Edit to add: If I could set a date to auto populate and only show this time field, it would be perfect. This is a weekly schedule that persists all year, so a date isn’t applicable, only the day of the week


@ishantanusrivastava I noticed you mentioned alternative methods on an old thread that’s closed. I’ve searched, but I’m not finding them. Can you link please? Just a time picker


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