Possible workaround for Facebook SDK

Hi guys, I had the issue of not being able to improve our performance marketing with Meta since SDKs are not available. I might have a suitable workaround which I’m currently testing and so far already receiving good results.

In Make.com there is also a “Facebook Conversion API” module available. I connected Adalo with this API to send registrations, leads or purchases over to Facebook so they might be able to make improvements. As source I selected “Other”.

Maybe this helps someone and I’d be happy to receive feedback from others how to improve it more.


Have you looked at https://itsmi.store/ they have a custom component FB SDK solution, not sure if it fits your needs.

Yes I’m aware of this thanks. But I wanted to try something “in-house” first… :wink:

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@Rozza Thanks for mention us :slight_smile:
Currently we’re moving to new domain https://cosmith.io
In addition to Facebook SDK we released
AppsFlyer SDK that allows to integrate marketing for TikTok, Facebook and etc. Also we’re releasing CustomerIO push notification in nearest feature which is quote advance marketing system.

Hi guys, how to fix this for Google Ads, any ideas?

Do you need show Ad or GTM?