Post Adalo App link to Facebook

I posted my first Adalo app link to Facebook and only the large grey plus sign appears that is above the QR code. The link works properly, just the image is strange. Is there another way to do this?

Hi Larry,

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The Grey Plus icon is your app icon. If you haven’t uploaded a image there then the Grey Plus Icon will show. If you have upload a image then that will show there.

For upload you can click the Gear icon on your left in the Editor and then you will see App information like Name,Image, Description.

Then you can upload your app icon clicking the Image there and after uploading scroll down a bit and you will see a button called Update App with a green fill colour. And click that button and then view your app.

Thank you

Wow, thanks a lot. That is Cool. Take Care, Larry

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Hey, I did what you said but my image is still the + sign. I used an image 1024 x 1024 and tried signing in again but still no image.

Make sure you save/update the changes at the bottom of the pane.

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Larry :point_down: You clicked the UPDATE APP button right?

( After uploading click the UPDATE APP button )

Hey, it worked this time. I did all that but this time I signed out and then signed back in, did it all again and it worked. Have a great weekend. Thanks

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