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I’m very new to Adalo I have been following a tutorial so far. ( )

It’s making a basic instagram and i’m about half way through. So far I can log in users and get them to post pictures. All the pictures accounts have posted show up on the explore tab. You can also click on a picture and it takes you to the users profle page. I can get the users prolfe picture to come up, as well as their username and post descriptions on this page but I can’t get the actual pictures the user has posted to come up.

I have set the filter on the card list to “Current post > Users > Posts”. So I think that means the current post that I clicked on, will show that users posts. It works for the profile picture but just not the card list for some reason.

Can anyone provide help?

Here is a cloneable app you can look at.

Thank you.

Hi @foxter :wave:

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Try now. I deleted that Card list and added the Card list again and filed the details.

Thank you.

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You have seemed to have fixed the problem. I’m not sure how though, I have just tried deleting the card list and putting it back in and it still doesn’t work for me. I guess I will have to build off your version now :sweat_smile:

Thank you.


Try to change the collection of the Card List to Users and select again Posts and add the details again ( Filter, Title,Image,Description) or clear your cache and cookies and try. Not sure what was causing.

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I tried all those options and still not working. Here’s me changing the settings. Maybe you can see if anything is wrong?

Hi @foxter ,

Try change to upload first and then change back to Database.


I did it like this.

And if you add the name it will be empty because in the Database they are empty.

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Oh I see! I just wasn’t telling the picture section what to do. Even though it was preset to be current post > photo. But putting that back in has fixed my issues.

Many thanks! Been a great help :blush:


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