Powering searches on adalo with algolia

i have a database hosted on algolia

i want my adalo app search bar to use algolia api to find results and display results to users

any chance someone has succeedeed integrating algolia with adalo ?

thanks a lot


Hi @nathanco, I am not using Algolia up to now, but just some general comments.
If you want to use algolia to enable search for Adalo data, you might see some missing capabilities of the Adalo API for now. See Update Adalo database via API

If you want to use existing Algolia data within External Collections in Adalo you need to check for the REST API documentation, e.g. https://www.algolia.com/doc/rest-api/analytics/#get-top-hits.

I basically should look like this:




You can add static query parameters in the connection setup.
Dynamic query parameters you usually add with filters on External Collections using the Magic Text for the Value:

thanks a lot for your tips :slight_smile:

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