🔥 PragmaFlow Component Install | New Service by WebCheer

You can now get PragmaFlow components installed in your Adalo account!

All you need is the name of the component you need installed and the component will be in your Adalo account in under 48 hours. (find a list of components available from PragmaFlow here)

What makes us different for component installation?

- :mantelpiece_clock: Fast Install

- :credit_card: Affordable

- :weary: Less stress

:loudspeaker: We do NOT guarantee that the component installed will work. We also do not provide support for the component.

:desktop_computer: Check out the website here.

:money_with_wings: Wanna go straight to the payment page? Go here.

I truly believe that this will lower the barrier to entry for Adalo apps becoming more powerful. Now everyone can install PragmaFlow components in their account without dev experience. :fire:


Hi James! I see some of them were published and tested in 2020-21. I tried some: did not work.

Hey Andrey,

Yes, you are correct. Some of the components do not work. I test every component before it goes into your account.

I see you don’t have the javascript component, would you like that? I can confirm it works.

Hi James,

Thank you for your reply.

I am interested in “Multilingual” as it defines the default language of the cellphone.


Pay for the component using this Stripe link and make sure to write the component name as “Multilingual”.

Once you pay, I can get the component in your Adalo account within 10 minutes :slight_smile:

Hi @James_App_Maker
I would like to install the Data Preloader component. I made the payment on your website. I hope I entered my correct email. I did not receive a payment confirmation.


Hey Andrey,

Yes you did make a payment. Could you DM me your access token?

Go to your profile in the top right in the Adalo editor, click on “Developers” and then click on “Shared with me” Then send me that access token.

And also, according to pragmaflow, the component does not work on iOS.

If this is a problem just let me know if you want another component installed.