Prevent Double Booking

Hi Guys! Can anyone please assist in showing how to prevent a double booking? If one customer make a booking for a time and date of his choice from the calendar… how do you prevent person 2 from not making the same booking. (Given this is not a booking selected from a predetermined available date but selected anywhere from the calendar) Seems like Date Input Text can recognize a date on the DB and hence a filter can be used. But this is for Date only - not for time. No other Date Picker works with filtering (Looks like a bug issue) - Any advice? This is the last hurdle before going live!!

Hi Franna,

To prevent double bookings you’ll need to create time slots, then allow users to book those slots. When a slot is booked, remove it from being available.

There’re a lot of other posts on the forum about this and here are two videos that might help:

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Thanks Allot Erik!

Will check it out!!

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