Double Appointments

I’m putting together a booking app.
I would like to know how I can block a date and time already scheduled, so that two or more users do not reserve the same date and time.

Hi @CNST, you could set up your create action to be conditional in the advanced options, and have it only fire if there isn’t already a booking with that date and time.

Hello, @zachbharris I think I understood what you said, but I don’t know how to do it in practice. =/
Could you send me an example, screen print or something

Hello @CNST !

Have you find the solution to block a date / time already scheduled ?

Thanks a lot !

I haven’t found it yet, nobody wanted to help =(

@zachbharris ? Please :slight_smile:

Please, I really need it! @zachbharris @Ben

@CNST when you are editing an action, there is an Advanced Options button next to the Done button. This will let you define under what conditions the action should run such as If the Current User > Appoints Count = 0 where Start Date/Time = Selected Date/Time

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