Previewer not working

Does anyone have any issues with previewer?

Tinus, still you experiencing? Some screenshots?

Hi Dilon

I was testing and training myself on a test app, but the previewer keeps on glitching and I thought it’s me still making mistakes, but when I moved over to my actual directory app, the previewer also just not working. It opened on the listings screen, and that’s it, it just stays there.

Only this screen opens in previewer and it stays there.
I suppose I will have to send a support ticket to Adalo.

I guess you have made the listings screen either welcome screen or home screen. Check that and make it as a normal screen.

To check that select the listings screen and in the left side click on the screen name and you will see drop-down. Check which type is selected.

Hi Dilon

Thanks Dilon, will check it out.

Thank you Dilon, you were right.

Hi Dilon

This is the tutorial on how to add a search bar, but I don’t understand how to apply this to my app.
Do I have to add another screen?

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