Having issues with inconsistent previews

Im having issues with how preview works for 2 days straight now, im not sure if this issue is related to an outage but since there is no announcement i assume this is related to a bug in the system.

now on my current app, im setting the filters in this list components its weird that it only works when im using brave browser, but when im using the preview for edge, chrome and mobile it doesn’t or rather it doesn’t display anything unless I remove the filters.

once i remove all the filters it now display in all my browsers, both mobile and desktop previewer

Troubleshooting steps that I did:

**cloning / copying the app

  • for bugs like this sometimes this work when editor crashes and didn’t save my previous work or if there is an invisible screen showing at the menu - which is already deleted.

**deleting the current database related to the one i was filter
-this actually makes the app crash more, after doing this i can’t update any database anymore, i can even add a new user with the sign up form and just stuck (can’t press the sign up or even if i press it nothing is doing)

**rebuilding the current database
-this also doesn’t work and make some if the tables unchangable… im not sure im really frustrated right now, 2 days before it was working 100% with any browsers, after making changes it became like this. :frowning:

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