Pricing depending on the season

Hi all
Is it possible to create accommodation that has different pricing depending on the season (Low, Medium and High). thus customers who make a reservation request with their dates will have a pricing according to the period they have chosen

Hello, if it is possible, I made a reservation app that the user, when publishing, can change the price of specific days…

I did it this way

When creating a product a price is created, then I created a database of special prices in relation to the product

when the user selects the day there is an input that saves the selected day and sees in the database if that day is not in special prices show normal price, but show special price…

If you start playing with this you can achieve it!

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Thank you very much for these precious clues that give me hope.
being a novice I would like from which component you questioned the database.
if you have screenshots i’m interested

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