Days on calendar

Greetings, I am looking to make an airbnb-type booking app.
I want to make reservations in a calendar and that each day has “a value - price” to be able to charge.
for example Friday and Saturday the price is $ 50 higher than the others.

then then be able to make a ticket with the calculation of the amount of the reservation.
How can I do to show an (amount to) if the user reserves during the week?
and how to show (amount b) if you book on the weekend.

I want to be able to give value to each day!

I leave some captures …

Hi @Rene115 ,

This is a hot topic.

To get the weekend days, you can check this post,

Next, I suppose you will need to check for availability.

I am doing a replacement for date picker with custom list and soon will be integrated into my free template, Komun.

The benefit of doing in list is we have more control on how to show and to add actions with conditional, but we need to build calendar database which are inconvenient to most people, it adds more complexity than normal which they are trying to avoid by using no code tools.

But if you are the type of person that move forward with whatever the roadblocks are, I think booking function is achievable.


very grateful for your answer. Well, I really only need to know what day of the week is to represent a price at the end.
At first I thought to assign value to each day, but it will be easier just to simulate that knowing what day it is.

My interest is to know if it is Friday or Saturday with that I can already decide the visibility of the calculation.

really grateful and I’m going to test your formula.

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Great!!! I have tried the formula and I have solved the problem !! without a doubt very grateful !!!
Greetings from El Salvador!!

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