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Hi everyone, i have an issue with the geolocation in adalo. I created a custom list of events for differents locations and i added a location input to allow users to filter the events by countries and towns. The problem is that it’s working partially , some of the inputs activate the custom filter and some other dont, i tried everything i could but i dont understand why some towns or countries show anything on the screen. Can someone help me with that ? Thank you.

Hi @mathieunarcisse35,

Could you show us a video about how you’re doing this including the database, screens, components setup and preview?

Thank you

Hi Delon, here is the video:

the problem is that it’s working for some location only while i just put the town and country for every componants in the database. For exemple, it never works when i type barcelona as a event location but it works when i put madrid. It very disturbing cause at this point it’s impossible for me to identify clearly the problem

Thanks for the video @mathieunarcisse35! I also did a quick test and didn’t saw a issue like this! : Location Input and Filter - Preview.mp4 - Google Drive

At last I guess it didn’t worked because you searched for Wicklow ,Irlande but in the collection it’s saved as Wicklow ,Ireland right? Try to find as Wicklow,Ireland.

Thank you. Yes I also noticed that but the thing is when I type a location in the location input, it’s translated in French automatically. Do you know if I can do something about that?

Chiming in here @dilon_perera

The location input automatically translates the locations into the user’s device’s language. There is not a way to disable translations for the location input. I have brought this to the Adalo staff’s attention back in October and they said that they have no plans on modifying the current location input.

I posted this in the Adalo Experts Slack channel and @njimmy10 provided an idea for a workaround.

I have not tried this yet but it could be a potential solution for your issue.


Thanks @Flawless for this info! I guess @njimmy10 is great!

How about adding the filters based on the lat on long about the address?

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thanks for your help guys, i’ll check your solutions

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