Problem on App publishing google console

I have a problem with the publishing of my application on the google play console with an ANR error and crashes, illustration image. Google asks me to fix the error before publishing my application. Anyone have a solution? What to do Adalo team especially since I don’t understand anything about the error code. THANKS


Hi @nouahenri,

I would advice to submit a support ticket for this: Submit a Support Ticket.

Also quick search shows that you’re not alone with this error. See fresh thread here: java - Getting 'No active admin' SecurityException in Android 10 - how to resolve? - Stack Overflow. This is for full-code apps, and in the thread it is discussed that such error shouldn’t block the app from publishing (?).

Also there is a question here Google Play Console Pre Launch report error - SecurityException: No active admin - Google Play Developer Community, however, the thread on StackOverflow they’re referring to is 11yrs old (so it might be not relevant anymore).


Hi @Victor
Thanks you very much

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