Unable to upload APK to Google Play's Console

Recently, Google has enforced their new target API level requirement, which started in August 2021. All exports of my app for Android are being built on API level 29 instead of the newly required level 30 (Android 11). Is there any way to alleviate this issue so I can successfully publish my app?

Google’s message:

Production error and warnings:

Also I should mention that I have seen this issue prompted on the forum, however, even after compiling my app several times, the issue persists.

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Hi Chris,

Please submit a support ticket. :slight_smile:

Understood, thanks a bunch!

That was a very fast response! :slight_smile:

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Got those notifications on! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@c.hris the API level bump does not go into effect till August. We are aware of the change (they do it every year at about the same time) and will have the update made in time. If you’re having an error uploading your APK, it’s not the target API.

Thanks for submitting a ticket though, we’ll be able to help you navigate to what the issue is you are facing!

Based on the error in the screenshot, I am guessing a it’s related to replacing a previous app with a higher version number. If you can locate that and reply to your ticket, we can likely get this bumped in the backend and help you get that uploaded

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How in the world did I miss that API change takes effect in August? I’ve been staring at my computer screen way too long! :sweat_smile:

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@c.hris :joy: :sweat_smile: sometimes we are just too close to a problem for our own good. I know it happens to me!

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@ben1 :laughing: :laughing:

I’ll get that conflicted version number and send it once this next Android build finishes compiling. Thanks for your help!

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