🛍 Issues with non-consumable in-app purchase

:wave: Hello Adalo friends!

I built my in-app purchase feature but I’m having issues testing it in Testflight. When I click on the “Buy” button, instead of doing the actions I configured, it links to a “screen missing” page.

What I’ve done following the Adalo tutorial:

  1. I set up all the non-consumable in-app purchases in the App Store Connect, including the product ID and pricing. These in-app purchases haven’t been reviewed by the Apple Store yet, but they include the product ID so theoretically they could connect with Adalo (?)

  2. The agreements are signed and processed in the App Store Connect. The bank details are processing ATM.

  3. In the UI, I added the Digital Purchase component and configured the button, actions, and product IDs (see screenshots below).

Do you know what I’m missing?

I also have two more questions:

  1. The tutorial mentions “The App Store and Play store require a way to restore previous purchases from your users to a new device.” Is this still necessary? In my DB I have a field with the items that the user purchased and should show these digital items ea

    Uploading: _in app purchase button.png…
    ch time the user logs in to the app without requiring to “restore” them.

  2. Has anyone shown dynamic pricing in the Adalo UI according to the region? In the App Store Connect you can choose your pricing according to tiers, which are different depending on the currency (e.g. Tier 1 is USD0.99, AUD1.49, etc). Currently, I have one price per product, but I wonder if I should geofence the price for each product.

Thank you, everyone!! I really appreciate your help :metal:

Has anyone launched (or tried to launch) the in-app purchase feature?

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