Problem with users list with filters


Is anyone else have problems with users lists with filters? I had a list working perfectly and suddently it does not work anymore…

Thank you


Hi @batouuu :wave::wave:

Did you set lot of filters for that list?

Thank you :blush::blush:

Only two. I think i have a database problem because all my lists work fine except for this one. There is only one filter that does not work.It is a users to users relationship filter. I tried to create a new property on my users (users to users relationship) and it is still not working.

I asked Adalo if maybe my users had too many relationship and properties and thus filters aren’t working anymore on users lists.

Please submit a ticket for this, I believe I know the cause.


For me it’s working. But I don’t know what is happening to you @batouuu :neutral_face:

Colin will help you @batouuu :blush:

Thanks Colin :+1:

Thank you @dilon_perera and @anon78309838 ! I sent you a ticket @anon78309838 . have a great day

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if you hvae a date filter is that one.

No I don’t have a date filter on this one

I have the same problem. The same screen Works well or not dépending which screen you come from. It worked a few days before ! No change on code nor in data base


It would be great if you can fix it. Lists have strange béhavior when you use a list box as a filter for the list. In some cases the défaut value makes the list appear sometimes not (same screen - same code !)


I’ve been having this problem for 3 days and without this feature, my applications’ purposes are not fulfilled. I hope it will be fixed in a day or two.


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yes, that happened to me too. I’m using the video calling feature and a few days ago there was not the slightest problem. and I never touched the app. but when i test again it hasn’t been working for 3 days. and cannot send a trigger notification to the called person to answer the call.

this notification feature is made as a list

but it’s not working right now and all my users are in trouble right now. they can’t video chat

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I’m new to adalo and I want to use the video chat feature. but without this feature, I guess there will be no point in making the application. Can you please let me know when it’s fixed? @Applicationspeciali

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Evet tabi ki. adaloya hoşgeldiniz @PrincessElena

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Welcome to the community @PrincessElena :innocent:

For video chat you can use Garlik

Thank you :blush:.


thank you soo much :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:yes I came to adalo by watching this video but the call notification was not working. I learned this now. I hope adalo fixes the notification issue.

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I only have 2 days left to fix this issue. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to adalo and not renew my monthly subscription package. because all my apps consist of this feature :pensive: :pensive:

hmm. I was thinking of using the search component you used and was going to launch the app for it. but I think there is a problem with notification in adalo as far as I understand from you. call notification will not work even if I do the application. so i will wait 2 days and see if it doesn’t work i will switch to another application making platform.

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There is no problem with the search component. call notifications belong to adalo and those notifications are not working.

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yes adalon has a notification problem to solve. and this notification does not work because the currently discussed user list is not working. because there is user list in call notification

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