Progress Bar for stories!

Hello to all,

I would like to know if someone has used the “progress bar” component. I want to use it to create stories in my app. That is to say that the progress bar runs over 10 seconds, but I do not know how to set this field (photo attached), anyone know?

does anybody know ?

Expert maybe ?

I don’t have much time, so I’ll quickly note down a couple of pointeres…
I’ve used this component, or rather I used the ‘Slider’ component from the Marketplace, much better and customizable.
This is what you’re looking for…


This is how I’ve set it up…

The ‘Track’, ‘Marker’ and ‘Labels’ allow you to configure how it looks to your users…

Have a fiddle around with it, it’s not too complicated, post any questions, I just can guarantee when I’ll be able to answer them…got a couple of busy days ahead…

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great, I’ll give it a try! thanks for your answer!

Hi @paul,

Addition to the great reply by @msmurfitt!

This post by @JL_LJ may help here! : Story like Instagram - #5 by JL_LJ

I guess you would need something like this : Stories.mp4 - Google Drive ( sorry. didn’t show in the video that you can hide the inputs and countdowns! )

And also there’s a component for this stories feature made by Complab! : CL Stories ( Demo preview )

Thank you

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Oh wow, thanx a lot !

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