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I am creating a recipe app that has toggle checkbox on he ingredients but the app I am planning is just a public app with no user login , if data is being pulled on a database will the update work per user or app wide? I mean if I click toggle is the other user will see the update since it pulls the toggle update on the database. or users will just see what they update?

is this a good approach? or I do a user based app where every user has their own settings.

2nd idea is I just create a dummy toggle checkbox but I am not sure how to implement it coz the settings in the adalo requires to put"what this toggle do?" in order for it work.

Sorry if my explanation is complicated, basically I just need a basic app with toggle that don’t dynamically updates per user.

Hi @Biboy,

This may help:

Best regards, Victor.


Awesome! This is what I am looking for :slight_smile: why didn’t this shows up when I search here in adalo for the keyword “toggle” or “checkbox”.

@Victor maybe you can add additional tag in your post :slight_smile: for it to show in search here in the forum. Thank you for sharing the tip.


When I add this to a custom list it toggles all the checkbox , it act as the same instance not unique instance. my custom list is dynamic coming from database.

Hi @Biboy,

Of course if you use one hidden input for the checkbox, and add the “pseudo-toggles” to a custom lists, they will change the states simultaneously - as there is just one input to store the “pseudo-toggle” state.

I’m not sure it is possible to use this kind of workaround (from video) for toggles in a custom lists. You can add an input into the list, but I’m unaware of any possibility to address this input (i.e. change input value). The app builder interface doesn’t allow (at least for me) to address input in a list.

Thinking about the way to user regular toggles, whole setup will be quite complicated from my perspective. You’ll have somehow to have toggles attached not to Recipies collection records, but to some collection which is linked to Users & have info about Recipies. This is achievable, but requires some work.

I’m assuming the goal you want to achieve is to somehow “check” each step for a particular recipe. I’d recommend thinking about other UX solution, smth like displaying each step on a screen. And then asking user to press “next” only when the step is complete.

This could be done w/repetitive screens for example, see other video in Resources&Tutorials.

Best regards, Victor.

Actually, it is not for the step by step , it is just for the ingredients with checkbox. this is just a simple app, just just trying to play around with the features. Hope adalo add this feature where some parts just function as a dummy without the need of linking data from the database.

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