Toggle issue: What does this toggle? Nothing available

Hi guys,

I’m creating an App and I added a toggle buttons to create a checklist.
The thing is, when I select the field “What does this toggle?” it shows “Nothing available” and when I check on the preview, it doesn’t check.

I just need to create a checklist, doesn’t have to be linked with anything.

Hope someone can help me!


togles only work on db fields true/false. so you can change the value from true to false on a existing db record only. as an example if you create a db table called to-do and have a text field to hold the text for the to-do you would also add a field called status and make it a true/false. you then would create a list with a text and a toggle button and assign the text the value of the db text and the toggle button would be tied to the db true/false field.

Hope that helps.

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@jotafelix it sounds like you just want the image of a checkbox. If that’s the case don’t use a toggle, use the icon “checkbox” instead. HTH

Thank you! I’ve already found out how!
Very appreciate !

hey jotafelix, what did you do to solve it, i am also in the same now

Welcome to adalo! What “Rjp” said is that what solved it.

How did you achieve this?