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I submitted my app to Google Play and it was denied publication due to my “Giving” options within my app. I read there Policies and I’m wondering if anyone has any insight. My free app does not require any in-app payments, but being a church app it does have a button that redirects users to external giving platforms. Is there specific verbiage that I am suppose to use to get the all clear? Here is a screenshot of the problematic areas of my app. My current thinking is that I need to put a disclaimer that says something like, “Clicking the button above will take you to external donation services.”

I think you’re right about language/verbiage.

The description on the first page doesn’t give a tangible/physical description of what its being used for, benefits the community/others and what people donating get out of it. I also don’t know what “offering affirmation” means and if its linked to donation or…?

page 1 “ways to give” button are really a selection of “amount to donate”. They may not like replacing giving with donating.
page 2 Choose your donation amount looks fine. Wish I had suggestions for url - I don’t know why they highlighted it.
page 3 “give now” is really “donate now.” Perhaps without “now” its less sales/more charity?
page 4 I’ve never seen “new” above entering credit card details. And right below it says Credit Card Info - Perhaps get rid of it so its not redundant. I would use something more common like “payment.” And I would make sure your terms/privacy policy for storing credit card information is available.

Great to see you helping your church!

Thanks for your feedback.

I ended up added sentences informing users of the external giving options.

My new concern is how to resubmit changes to Google Play? I changed a few things in the store listing, but how do I resubmit the “app” basically saying hey I changed a few things… use this version now???

My thought is to go to the Deobfuscation files of the Google Play console and upload a new “Android Build” from my Publish tab in Adalo. The problem that I am having is that when doing so Google Play console says “Invalid file content. Make sure you upload a symbol file” and “file upload error” when trying to upload Adalo’s Android Build… Any thoughts on resubmitting (as in resubmit what and how)?

You will need to create a new release in order to resubmit changes I believe.

Can you post some screenshots of those errors?

Thanks. First time publishing to app stores. I was uploading the APK to the wrong tap. Update is now in on their end. Thanks.

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