Publish to web - how to wait until all changes are made

For an app that is published to the web, not an Andoid or iOS app, how do you make multiple changes to your app without it being immediately available to users?

Basically, if you have multiple changes to make and you don’t want your users to see the incomplete updates as you are working through those changes.

I love the autosave … but it seems to be an auto-publish as well for web apps. Am I missing something?


No, you’re not. It’s a known issue for Adalo web apps - changes are published in real time.

You can see the versioning feature request here (and upvote it) here - Versioning | Voters | Adalo

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Thanks. Will vote for it. This is very … odd. Surely it’s a very common use case.

For now, for existing pages I’m setting the visibility on new things to only show if I’m the logged in user. For new pages, I’m just not linking until the page is complete.

Yep, I’m in close comms w/ the Adalo team about this! They’ll be fixing it soon(ish)!

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