Publish app & still work on your app

Hi super simple question.

How do we submit our app to the app store and release the app in phases. Do we have to notify play store as the changes and show the phases we’re releasing?

Just curious because we want to publish our food app - hide the food visibility screen until food listing is fully populated. And finish small integrations/notifications, run field tests before transactions are made. Then release it etc - but let people download the app and refer friends until then.

This did help, just looking for something that explains releasing an app in steps.


I’m not sure on the right answer here as this is more of a general question about app development rather than something that is specific to Adalo itself.

You may get a better answer from popular app developer forums or blogs or even directly from the app store itself.

The question I can still work on the adalo app where we build apps - after I publish it to the store - correct? Then new changes published is an update for users

Yes that is correct. All changes made to the UI will need a new release and consequently the users to update their app. Any changes to data will be immediately visible and no update needed.


This is solved! Thanks Colin much appreciated.

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