Publishing an adalo app with mounthly or annual suscription system


Can someone tell me if there is something specific to do if i want to publish an adalo app with monthly and annual subscription system on the Appstore and Google play?

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So if you have annually or monthly subscription on ADLO, you have access to download into app store or google play or use your own custom domain, when the membership finish app will stay but you can’t update your app in google play or app store until you get your membership back, you can continue editing it, but it will be released in progressive app. I think its confusing so ask me if you have any troubles.

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but my question concerns the billing system that I will make available to my clients.

I want to give them limited access at first, then offer those who want to go further a monthly or annual subscription system.

Knowing that Apple and Google require developers to go through their payment system when it comes to in-app payment, I wanted to know if I should anticipate something before publishing my app.

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Check those, it may help!

To creat (access and payments) - Help - Adalo

Payments function - Help - Adalo

Subscription based screen access - Help - Adalo

Paid apps in stores - Help - Adalo

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the answer to my question is in the last link

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I am soo happy I helped!

Make sure to ask me anything if you have any troubles!

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