Subscription based screen access

How can I set a screen where I want that user can access that screen after he/she will be subscribed for a monthly or yearly plan & if they subscribed the purchasing screen will not appear until the user subscription is canceled.
Hey, @Ben please clear me how can i do this

You make it like… crate a button which navigate to subscription page. Once payment done, update a user table and make the button sometime visible. Hope this works partially.

Even I have implemented like this.


I’m not talking about button i’m talking about the screen, i hope you understand

There are a few ways you can do that. What @Anilspr888 mentioned for you is that in order for the user to access the screen, they would click on something to navigate there right? Now on this action you would set it up as follows:

Navigate to screen x > sometimes > if current user subscribed is yes

Navigate to screen y > sometimes > if current user subscribed is no

If they don’t need to click on anything, then this is what you can do:

On the screen that you want to protect:

When user visits the screen > action > link to another page >(this would be the payment page) > sometimes > if current user subscribed is no.

I know the post is a year old, but for some reason it popped up for me in the feed. Not sure why. Anyways I believe it is useful info for newbees :slight_smile:


Yes, for new users it’ll help. Thanks for sharing