Publishing to the google play store

Hi Experts, We recently published our app Triks in the Google Play Store. We followed the steps: Publishing to the Google Play Store - Adalo Resources for publishing the app in Google play console. We uploaded the APK file generated in Adalo.
Now, once we download the app the icon is not showing in the home screen of the phone. Also once we enter, one of the buttons on the log in screen isn’t showing. Also the app is showing different fonts as the one we used in Adalo. And lastly we had some users already created in Adalo but when we try to log in in the app they aren’t saved. I don’t know if once published the app doesn’t recognize the database of Adalo.

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Did you find out what was going on?

No, we still trying solution the problem! :pensive: We contact the Adalo support team and we just are waiting the answer!

Ok. I will help keep this thread alive…

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