Push Notification Updates?

I know for about a year now developers been saying the push notifications isn’t working… as I have completed my app (have not published yet) I noticed I am not getting the notification popup on my phone successfully, it has not popup once. Yes, I have all the settings correct, yes everything has been enabled. But I have still failed to make it work, has this been resolved yet or can anyone give me any advice for the push notifications?

2 things here,

If the app is not published, you probably won’t receive a notification on your phone. Previously you couldn’t receive notifications through web browsers - I believe this has changed for desktop browsers but as I don’t use them for my app I can’t comment on how that works at the moment.

Additionally, when you publish your app, adalo won’t allow you to receive a push notification from the same account it has been sent from. I have a dummy account set up on my app, which I’ll log in to when I’m testing. I’ll send the notification from my real account and receive it on the dummy account.

Try your app on preview on a desktop browser and allow notifications, then on a second private browser, log into your app with a different account and send a test.

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thank you so much

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